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Beth Ahabah Voices: Anne Blankman

by Anne Blankman

We never know where our passions will lead us. For Anne Blankman, her love of writing brought her to Judaism. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Ike Koziel

by Ike Koziel

I came to America as as toddler. During my childhood I remember my parents Goldie and Julius and my uncle Joe and aunt Lucy packing clothing in cartons to ship to places like Uruguay, Israel and Poland. I remember sealing the boxes and shlepping them to the post office with my father. This was in the 1950s and there were people in need in those places. There Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Roberta Opper: Why I Became a Breast Cancer Research Advocate

by Roberta Opper

We all know the grim statistics—each year approximately 250,000 American women and men are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and about 40,000 die. Since my breast cancer diagnosis 25 years ago, I have spent an enormous amount of time learning as much as I can about the disease, in an attempt to stay healthy. I have attended seminars, retreats and studied relevant websites and journals. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: John Marshak: Thoughts About My Passion: Woodworking

by John Marshak

When one is as enthusiastic about woodworking as I am, it should be easy to share thoughts on the subject. However, as I started thinking about this article, too many thoughts flooded my brain. What is most important to share? What would others want to know? Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Susan Adolf

by Susan Adolf

My name is Susan Weiner Adolf and I am a retailer. Since as long as I can remember I worked or pretended to work for my parents who owned Saxon Shoes. Before I could even see over the front desk I was trying to be a cashier. As our store grew and moved west in Richmond, I continued to go in every afternoon and on weekends. I received my first real paycheck at age 16 and after 43 “official” years I retired four years ago. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Judith Koziol: Ageless Grace: Timeless Fitness for Body and Mind

by Judith Koziol

Three years ago I had a wonderful and definitely life-changing experience! Someone suggested I check out an Ageless Grace class at ACAC. I did not know what to expect as I walked into a room of 20 or so men and women and 1 educator, all seated with their shoes off. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: David Gardner: Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick

by David Gardner

As I approached my 70th birthday and retirement about three years ago, I began to think about new adventures and challenges. In the past I had run marathons, cycled, skied, played tennis, etc.—all of which provided balance in my life to offset the stresses of my academic and clinical pursuits. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Renate Forssmann-Falck: Trekking Kilimanjaro

by Renate Forssmann-Falck

It started in spring of 2014 with an advertisement of the Massey Cancer Center. It showed a man hiking in a desolate landscape. The voice said something like “He finished his cancer treatment and is now on the way to a better place–Kilimanjaro.” It touched me deeply. I knew I had to go up there. I love mountains, hiking and nature. It is also a connection with my mother who trekked the Alps with my grandfather. When life was rough, she would say “Look up to the mountain, there will be help.” I too, when life poses struggles, find solace in the solitude of nature. Eventually, I figured out that my mother cited Psalm 121. Read More

Beth Ahabah Voices: Karen Olshansky: Renewal After Retirement

After retirement, I revived a passion that had been dormant for the 35 years that I practiced clinical social work. I have always loved poetry, and had even tried writing some poems in my high school and college years and then again as a young mother. With the hectic responsibilities of motherhood, going back to school to pursue an MSW degree, and building a practice, my earlier interest in poetry became buried under the more pressing (although very rewarding and pleasurable) activities of professional and family life. Read More

TRAVEL: Gomez Mill House (c.1714)

by Jim Schuyler

During the Labor Day weekend, Frank and I drove to Northern New Jersey to celebrate my grandniece’s Bat Mitzvah. We decided to continue north to New York’s Hudson River Valley, where we reserved a lovely cottage near Hudson NY for a week’s holiday.

Read More

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