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Thank you for your consideration to give to the Generations Capital and Endowment Campaign, one of Beth Ahabah’s special funds, or to Beth Ahabah Museum and Archives.

Phase One of the Capital and Endowment Campaign is reshaping our physical environment at Beth Ahabah to bring us together more often and more easily than our current, disconnected, multi-building campus allows. Every gift is important in our success. Please consider contributing to this important transformation by donating online today.

Beth Ahabah does more than just assist in financing the Temple’s day-to-day operations. Our community outreach programs and the upcoming events and holiday celebrations that congregants enjoy would not be possible without the generous donations we receive throughout the year. If you find value in our mission of Torah, Worship, and Deeds of Loving Kindness, please consider making a contribution today. Here is a list of possible contributions. There is a $10 minimum to be listed in B’yachad, the congregational bulletin.

BAM&A is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit and receives no formal financial support from the Temple or the organized Jewish community.  BAM&A exists and operates solely on the support of generous donors.  Help us to ensure the important work of preserving our history continues by making a contribution through one of these three vehicles.

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